Fee Changes 2019

Loan Fees – Consumer $59
Overdraft Fees – Overdraft Fee, Return Deposit Item - $29
Overdraft Privilege – Overdraft Privilege - $29

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RFCU Update

You asked for it...We delivered!


On October 20, 2016 RFCU launched the new "Teller Now" machine with great fanfair.  This new technology ushered in the new era of service to our members.  Now, through video communications technology, we have given the membership of RFCU access to a live teller Monday through Saturday from 7AM to 8PM. 

The "Teller Now" machine resembles a typical ATM machine in the outside lanes of our drive thru's in Salem and Rolla.  However you can't judge a book by its cover.  The features of Teller Now are so much more!  When you drive up you have the option of using it as a typical ATM or, by touching the screen, activate the video connection with one of the great RFCU member service reps you see every day in the locations.  At that point you can conduct transactions just as you would through the conventional drive through lanes or lobby teller counters.  Here are some of the great features you can access at Teller Now:


Extended live service hours (6 days a week, 7AM-8PM)

Cash checks down to the penny, just as you would at a teller counter

Deposit checks

Make loan payments

Get live answers to questions on your account

Make larger cash withdrawals than typical ATM limits allow

Cash available in denominations you request

All this from the convenience of your vehicle, not more fighting the heat, cold, wind, rain, snow, etc.


Check out the video to learn more!