Fee Changes 2019

Loan Fees – Consumer $59
Overdraft Fees – Overdraft Fee, Return Deposit Item - $29
Overdraft Privilege – Overdraft Privilege - $29


Mortgage Tracker

Welcome, members:

The mortgage process can be a little daunting, we know that, that’s why we’ve developed our Mortgage Tracker for our members.

Here, members can check the status of their application by simply finding their respective application number in the table. The status of each application is listed by the indication of an X marking that this step is complete. Note: the table scrolls horizontally.

For further information please call Riverways Federal Credit Union at 537-308-3113 or visit our locations in Rolla and Salem, MO.

Application Status

Application No.Date ReceivedLast UpdatedGFE DeliveredPreliminary UnderwritingAppraisal OrderedAppraisal ReceivedTitle OrderedTitle ReceivedClosing SetNotes
10000 02/10/2014 06/20/2014 X X X X X X   Please Call
10001 02/24/2014 06/23/2014 X X X          
10002 03/01/2014 05/30/2014 X X X X        
10003 07/15/2014 07/15/2014 X X